Is there any easy way to bulk import non-native assets?

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this is trivial. My attempts to find the exact answer to this weren’t very successful.

I’d like to share a large (11gb) zip file of textures and objects with some people to use as a ‘base’ set of assets. They are all licensed for public domain use (or at least CCSA licensed).

The zip file has folders and nested folders. Inside any leaf-node folders are mostly just lots of JPGs but also some models etc. Each individual asset is of a type that can be imported into Unreal.

The import tool doesn’t like Zips and I’d rather not import a million individual JPGs then ‘migrate’ to create a single ‘thing’ that can be shared.

Any tips?

Best wishes,


Hi everyone,

Thanks to Unreal Jess who helped me a bit over Twitter, I managed to figure out why our assets weren’t just importing. There is a setting in preferences, under Loading & Saving called “Monitor Content Directories”. It was not ticked by default. I ticked it, saved project. Closed project. Copied assets into folder. Re-opened project. And it’s happily beavering away importing all the assets.