Is there any documentation on making an online multiplayer game without Steam?

I’m developing a game prototype, and I’d rather minimize the amount of external forces I bring into it. LAN connections without any online subsystem is easy, but I cannot connect to someone beyond that range at all. Looking up Steam-less tutorials for networking is proving fruitless.

Where can I go to learn how to make a multiplayer game with just Unreal itself?

How much networking capability do I have within the blueprint system?

Any kind of reference is appreciated; especially text-based guides.

this is a tutorial for it

The Multiplayer Shootout example project Epic Games released is an amazing resource. You can download the Blueprint source code for the project through the launcher by clicking on the ‘Learn’ tab then scrolling down to the ‘Gameplay Concepts’ category. There is documentation on the Multiplayer Shootout example project and in addition there is plenty of YouTube tutorials like the one listed below. Connecting over the internet takes a few extra steps but nothing that is too hard.

Multiplayer Shootout Example Project Documentation:

General Multiplayer Documentation:

YouTube Tutorial: “Simple Multiplayer Tutorial”:

Connecting Over The Internet Using IP Address (read thread Post #2):

Oh! I’m running Linux, which doesn’t have the Unreal Launcher; and, thus, the Learn tab. I’ve wanted that ■■■■ Multiplayer Shootout source code for months, and I’ve never been able to find it! Now I know why.