Is there any development documentation for hololens

I have installed the Hololes2 emulator and made a package for hololens2. But i don’t know how to setup my player pawn and input for Hololens.Is there any relevant documentation,?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question completely. Right now UE4 docs are here

MS docs about HL2 emulator are here

Detailed explanation how to install a package to the device or emulator is here

Thanks. I have completed the operations on these pages.I mean I don’t know how to use api for HoloLens in UE4.

For example, this is a doc for use of steamVR API:

But I didn’t find similar docs for HoloLens.

Excuse me,have u find api for hololens in ue4?I have the same question.Thank u~

Right now you can look to the code sample

Thanks , its helpful

We have added a big bunch of documentation there