Is there any built in flying pathfinding in UE4?

I was about to start coding some helicopter AI - and then it occurred to me that something similar may already exist in UE4.

I’ve seen that characters can be tagged to allow swimming / flying. Is there any 3D volumetric pathfinding stuff I can use? My prototype need only be very basic.


There’s no 3D/free pathfinding/pathfollowing in UE4 yet. We do have it in our backlog, but I don’t think we’ll be able to start working on it this year.



That’s disappointing, I really need it for my project, would it be difficult to set something simple up?

is there any progress on the Aerial Nav Mesh?

If not I will be looking at building my own and could share results. Could you provide suggestions on what you would recommend as far as overriding Recast or what should be reused and leveraged and what should be written originally? I can’t find many resources on working on the NavMesh, any help getting going would be appreciated!


I don’t think you want to use navmesh for free 3d navigation. A default solution in such cases is volumes graph where every node is a volume guaranteeing there’s no obstacles inside.

Regarding technical compliance with UE4 navigation system you just need to create new ANavigationData class and then simply use it as default navigation class for your Supported Agents. Look at how ARecastNavMesh actor overrides functions from ANavigationData, you’ll probably will have to override similar set of functions.

Thank you!

Hey, for any partied that are still interested Ive released a 3d ai navigation mesh on the marketplace: