Is there any BP node which acts as debug trap?

I’m searching to some node which works as a debugger trap. So I can link it from every place which I think as illegal state or data script error and I would like to stop execution at this moment to track problem.

Have you tried using breakpoints? You can right click on any node > Breakpoints > Add Breakpoint. It will pause the game when the execution reaches that node.

Yes I tried. I also thought about creating some function/macro in which I just set breakpoint but before doing so I decided to ask. Maybe there is already some node which I didn’t found. Something like Assert in programming languages.

There is no such node at the moment, but i recall a feature request for something like that so it may be implemented in the future.

There is Set Game Paused function. It takes a boolean argument. So it can be used as a debug trap.
Also it has an advantage over breakpoints: when a game paused by Set Game Paused you can explore a scene in a viewport, select different actors and view their variables.