Is there any blueprint method to retrieve the resolutions supported by a display adapter?

Hi, I’m working on a UMG Menu and I have a video options menu to change the screen resolution. At the moment I’ve only hard coded a bunch of 16:9 resolutions which can be changed by the player. Now I want to get a list of resolutions supported by the player’s display adapter. When I checked a few months back, there didn’t seem to be any way of doing this in Blueprints. Does anyone know if any functionality has been added to blueprints recently that would help with this requirement?

I’ve posted this in the AnswerHub as well. So if anyone wants to answer it there, here’s a link:

Try rama’s amazing stuff:

Thanks Loucsam, glad to see that he’s posting regular updates for the plugins. Also are you aware of any method to get the native resolution of a monitor?