Is there any benefit for users who just bought twinmotion?

twinmotion is now free. I purchased 2 licenses half a year ago. It means that it will be paid after November, but is there no differentiation from the users who purchased at the regular price at that time? The user who obtained it free of charge is lucky. But I feel like I was stolen about $ 4,500 and I’m very angry.

It looks like you will get an upgrade when the paid version begins again in November.


Hey @makkin.mac,

"Customers who purchased Twinmotion prior to May 13, 2019 will be provided a free upgrade to the next paid version of Twinmotion released by Epic (anticipated around November 2019).

In addition, Epic will refund previous purchases of Twinmotion (or the maintenance and support agreement provided by Abvent) made by end users of Twinmotion between January 1, 2019, and May 13, 2019. Please request a refund by providing a receipt of your purchase prior to August 31, 2019. Refund requests can be submitted on our support site. "

Feel free to open a discussion on Twinmotion community page for other questions.