Is there any automatic way to change all the Blurprint to C++ code?

is there any automatic way to change all the Blurprint to C++ code?

Yes, you can find more about it if you google “Blueprint Nativization”, BUT:

  1. It never really left beta and was often buggy with more complex blueprints
  2. It’s being deprecated in UE5, which implies it has no future, so I am not sure using it for anything serious is a wise thing to do.

In one of the Epic’s presentations, I think during one of the UnrealFests, one of the Epic devs said they plan to focus on better Blueprint virtual machine performance rather than going down the automatic translation to C++ route.

May I know why the need to change to C++? Most probably because you are finding BP slow?
If I were you, I will do the followings in order:-

  1. Rename the bp class from to . This is my preference so that I can create a C++ class named xxxx that xxxxbp will inherit from.
  2. After inheritance is done, then probably the slowness is coming from tick function. Just convert this and be done with it…

So there is no automatic way (maybe you will want to do it the quickest way, but AFAIK none).

I already had the same interrogation. The need was to learn c++. I wanted to create different functions, use dispatchers etc and see how it looks once converted into c++. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed