Is there an update for Hero Character Pack to 4.5?

Is there an update for Hero Character Pack to 4.5?

I’m thinking of buying it, but it says “not compatible with 4.5” and for $100, I don’t want to chance buying it and updating it on my own…

Hey - I replied to the e-mail you sent me, but thought I’d update here so other people can be aware and updated. I was actually unaware that the pack was being flagged as incompatible with release 4.5 of UE4 - I would have thought I would have been notified of this automatically somehow, but I guess not.

As far as I’m aware, there’s nothing in the Character Pack that should be incompatible with any new releases of UE4 (4.5 forward). The pack doesn’t contain any code, and is just a collection of skinned meshes, re-targeted skeletons, textures and basic materials - nothing which should break any functionality. I’m waiting to hear back from Epic to see what the problem is, and hopefully have everything sorted out and ready to purchase again ASAP.

OK - just had confirmation that this was just a glitch and the pack should be back to normal, and marked as compatible with 4.5

I confirm – I could purchase and import this pack in 4.5. Thanks!