Is there an Unreal Engine Game Design generic template?

I’m looking for a game design template tuned towards Unreal Engine that goes over specific aspects of games in general such as:

*Character Creation Complete → Set New Character Location to Newbie Spawn Location → Input → Player moves Character

Load Save Game → Get World Position from Save File → Set Player World Position → Input → Player moves Character

Player Dies → Set player world position to respawn location → Input → Player moves Character

Player Press Escape → Show Options Menu → New Game → Load Main Menu

Player presses New Game Button → Load Landscape → Load Character Creation*

I’ve already googled “game design templates” and the results are complete ****.

Hello sr3d, googling game design templates are more likely to get you templates for design, not implementation which is what it appears you are after.

However the exact things you’re looking for are available on the official epic video tutorials:

There is also a great course on Udemy that will go through all of these topics starting at beginner level information all the way to what is needed for a full game.

You brought me one step closer by clarifying implementation vs designer. However the links you provided were not helpful.

Let me search: game implementation template and see what comes up.

I’d suggest starting at the marketplace:

There are various templates / stater packs / kits listed there.
Others are shared on the forum too.