Is there an option to make the Documentation website dark themed?

Hello guys

I am talking about the website ‘’. Sometimes I work at night, and having the brightness of the screen is quite demanding at times for working. I was hoping there was a dark theme layout for the documentation site.

Or, maybe there already some plugins that change the theme of websites?


Hi Motanum,

There isn’t an option that is built into the website for this but fortunately there are some other users out there like you that feel the same way and have built extensions that can be added to web browsers like Chrome and Firefox to help! :slight_smile:

I did a little research and found that on Chromes web store there are quite a few. I tried the top few and found some of them to be iffy or not work with our site. I found one that works with everything I tested and am actually going to keep it for my own use. It was named “Deluminate.” [You can find the extension here on Chromes store.][1]

With the Deluminate extension I do want to point out that it did offer a better breakdown and control than the other three I tried. It allowed me to invert the colors on the page but not the images (which the others did not offer).

I don’t use Firefox but there are extensions out there that should do the same thing and are free as well. Here is an article that highlights some of them! [Link Here][3]

I hope this helps!


Thanks! Very helpfull!

how did you get the option to not invert images?

I do not see any “options” link/button next to Deluminate in Chrome extensision viewer.

Maybe I have holder version of chrome that’s not showing this?

Nvm I figured it out, there are two arrows to the right top of the address bar >> that let you customize plugins, I never saw that before :slight_smile:

Personally I found Hacker Vision Chrome extension more useful because I can turn it off for specific websites of my choosing, like sites I already have inverted in other ways or that are inverted themselves