Is there an iterator for GFxMoviePlayers?

I have a bug where sometimes the HUD shows two mouse cursors. I can’t recreate the bug, but I think it might be because there are two HUD movies up, but only one of them controls the mouse. Is there an iterator that will find all GFxMoviePlayers currently in use? I think I could use that to close the extra HUD.

UDK | UnrealScriptIterators Looks like there’s nothing built-in. I’ll probably just have to keep track of it myself…

Update: In GFxMoviePlayer, there’s this…

/** Called when the movie is done and removed from the all movie list. So final clean up can be done*/
event OnCleanup();

I searched on that and it seems that GFxEngine has an AllMovies array, but it doesn’t seem to be exposed to UnrealScript anywhere, so I’m just going to say that for our purposes, there still is no way to see all open movies.