Is there an issue with SeamlessTravel?

Hi epic:
I found there is one issue with SeamlessTravel function. I found that the navigation will not be correctly built when use SeamlessTravel function to travel map. But if we use the ServerTravel function to travel map, that warning log will not be shown in game. As we all know that the SeamlessTravel function will not cause this warning in UE3.
So i want to tell you guys this bug for you can fix it as soon as possible.


In order to find the cause of this issue I’m going to need to ask you for some more information. Are you building your project from source or starting it through the Launcher? Which version of the engine are you running? Also, what does the warning message say when you try to use seamless travel? What happens after you receive this warning message? The more information you can provide the easier it will be to track down the cause of this problem quickly.

Hey :
Yes, i created my project with blank, and the engine version is 4.4.3. In fact, i find it in 4.4, so maybe it exist in all release version. I started my game in editor with standalone model. When i use the SeamlessTravel function to travel map, the map will be correctly loaded, but the navigation will not be used by my AI,so the ai will not normally do their tasks. Now i will upload twos images to let you guys make correct sense with my information.
if you want to get more information , please tell me.


I have try to fix it. Actually, it seems like the engine works fine. Now i will tell you the position of bug.
The file path: …\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\AI\Navigation\NavigationData.cpp. I modified the ANavigationData::GetGenerator function in the file. I find the condition of build NavGenerateData has one issue. I think GetWorld()->IsGameWorld() == false should be changed to GetWorld()->IsGameWorld() == true, otherwise the engine always can not create the navigation data when developer use the SeamlessTravel function for traveling maps.

sorry, the file path is not clearly. I think i should only tell you the file name, which is NavigationData.cpp.

I want to make sure I correctly understand what your problem is. You’re saying that after using seamless travel the ai do not preform their tasks properly. Please correct me if I am misinterpreting what is happening.

The problem is navigation will not ne initialized. I have fixed it.