Is There an Event for OnAllPlayerStatesFullyReplicatedAcrossNetwork - If Not How Would You Make It?

Any chance there is an event for: The player states of all connected players have been fully replicated across the network for the current game mode?

Currently I’m having all players delay 3 seconds after post login before accessing player states, but that’s pretty gross.

If this event doesn’t exist I’m thinking of implementing it by:

  • Having a replicated int for NumPlayersInGame

  • Having each client locally count the playerstates that come up for them client side via PS>BeginPlay

  • When the count reaches NumPlayersInGame, they would report to the server that they have all PlayerStates via RPC

  • The server would increment local variable NumClientsWithAllPlayerStates as clients report in

  • When NumClientsWithAllPlayerStates = NumPlayersInGame it would DoOnce fire the OnPlayerStatesOfAllConnectedPlayersFullyReplicated event

Is there a better way?