Is there an Easy way to create MOD Variants?

I have a Mod and a user asked if I could create a variant of the Mod with only certain items in it. It seems like it would be an easy thing to do but after trying a few things perhaps not so much. If I create a New Directory and Copy over the items that I would like to have in the variant I need to re-direct the copies to hook up with the supporting Meshes, blueprints etc in the new directory. I then thought I would try and ccreate a PrimalData BP for the Variant in the Original MOD directory but the Steam Cooker/uploader looks like it might overwrite the original MOD if I do that.
So before I throw up my hands and say no, this isn’t worth my time I though that I would ask those of you with far more experience in building ARK Mods if I am missing something here? Or am I correct in assuming that I would need to go through each and every copied Item and re-connect all the references for the copy to the other copies in the new location, which would mean If I change something in the original I would have to do that all over again…

Try the migrate option when you right click the mod folder. The hover-over tooltip says: “Copies assets found in this folder and their dependencies to another game content folder.”
I would assume that means it retains the references but I have never used it so don’t quote me.

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried it and it seems to copy “everything” that is related to the mod items including the root primal earth items etc etc. In other words a heck of a lot of stuff. I don’t think that is what I am looking for. I think you would use the migrate option when you wanted to say use your mod or blueprint in a completely different game, it would copy over all the related files and dependencies so that it would run. Since these modded components mostly used the base assets of the game which don’t change I just need to update the individual references for each object. OR would you create child objects of the originating MOD and then they would just update when the originating File gets updated… (I think) its all new to me. Its not a huge issue, but I don’t want to be stuck spending hours updating a secondary MOD if I change and update the first. I will keep looking. I am sure there must be a way, I don’t think some of the mod authors would have offered variants of their Mods if you couldn’t just update secondary or variant mods quickly…

That IS how children are supposed to behave for the most part anyway. I have never really had a need for children but have played around a bit and noticed that when you make a change to the parent, the child then needs to be saved. Most of the time.
Another option is to just instruct the end user to disable the engram. That’s what I would personally do.
I made a “lite” version of a mod once and it was pretty much a nightmare as far as stupid complaints go. People are dumb and would run the normal and lite version together and wonder why one or the other wasn’t working.