Is there an easy animation software to download that's free?

I want to make a creature in mud box and then make animations for it, but I want to find a free software or website that I can get and make animations like walk, jump, etc. I think you can do it on blender but thats complicated for me and I don’t have it. I’m new to unreal engine and new to animation so hopefully there are some easy free software or websites that I can use.

Blender is free, you won’t find any better free software.

thanks :slight_smile: are there any websites that can make animations?

Try looking at Mixamo and Fuse.

Mixamo Fuse? is fuse in mixamo or is it a different thing?

(Adobe) Mixamo = Company
Fuse = Product

You can make characters with it and animate them on their website.
But only very basic animations are for free, the most are expensive.

ok thanks :slight_smile:

When you want to use blender -> take a look at those tutorials:

rigging ->
animation -> :slight_smile:

What is the link for fuse please send