Is there an easy and quick way to enable camera rotation around the flying pawn ...

… default template?

Like the 3rd person character template?

I tried ticking off and on settings in the details panel for the camera and spring arm in the BP but the static mesh then rotates but the ship doesn’t change direction + do other weird things :slight_smile:


Big thank you.
I am working on another version of my little game now and will message you when its done with a link to a free copy on my Dropbox :slight_smile:

Nope looks like its going to be a bit more complicated than that. :slight_smile:

Looks like they changed the node in 4.22.2 or the node you have there does come up in a flying pawn BP :slight_smile:

I can promote that pin to a rotator variable I wonder if that would work? Then you adjust the value of that variable somehow …

Adjust what value, why? What I posted works without a variable - how would a variable change anything? You want to interpolate?

edit: Oh I see, just right click the pin and *split *it, or make / break a vector / rotator. Whatever floats one’s boat :slight_smile:

The node that comes up in my version of Unreal looks different than yours.
I don’t see the green pins I have only one pin and its purple.
What version of Unreal are you in? :slight_smile:
Thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

You can split structs / vector pins by right clicking -> Split.


LOL yes that worked.
You can see I am not a coder :slight_smile:
Thank you !!

This is almost a real-time chat at this point. Never seen a forum post so dynamic o_O. Can only wish my clients were that responsive.

Be careful I am already your client at this point :slight_smile:
I think my mouse input is not working but that is the way I have it set up.
I will have to play around and re-arrange a few things.
Thanks for the help really appreciate it.
When I am done with this new version of the game little later today I will post a link to my DB and send you private message with link :slight_smile:

It works now. I had the execution begin at event begin play and not a tic. OMG I need more coffee. Too early for me on a Sunday :slight_smile:

This is perfect.
If I don’t do it this way I get weird tilting or can only rotate around on X or Y not Z.
This is 360 degrees :-))))

I am lost on this, but would also like to be able to use rotation.
I am not a coder, and I also having a hard time with blueprints.

Is there a way to download just a blank project that includes that blueprint?
And I can copy and paste it to the existing one?

thank you so much for any little help,
appreciate it!

There is my entire BP for the little drone which is the Flying Pawn BP.
I saved it on my Google Drive its a zip file, just unzip it and import it into your Unreal project.
That should work.
I cant give you the assets for my game so you will get errors and object references that will show red flags because their actors are not included.
But you can see the logic :slight_smile:

Right click the rotator pin and click Split… if no one said this already.

Re the rotation, I have a good feature you can add - idle camera spin.
Done easy.
Add a child actor to the drone BP, shove a camera inside the child actor class and configure it to taste.
Add a rotator component and parent the child actor camera to the rotator - then parent that to the drone. (don’t forget to adjust the rotator’s settings so it’s not spinning out of control).

On idle (if no control input for longer then 10sec works well usually) - transition to the camera that’s already rotating with the rotator.

On any input, transition back to the default camera (which should also be a child actor so you can avoid snapping).

Thank you, noted :slight_smile: