Is there an easier route to source control than github?

I feel like I’ve entered such a rabbit hole since assigning source control functionality to myself. All I want to do is to create a project that my friend and I can share and both work on without ruining each others. I eventually want to build it into something that resembles a game with my friend, but this is becoming more involved than my process of learning the actual engine so far, and I really want to make some game related progress.

Github seems like the fastest option, but the more tutorials I search through, all I keep finding are ways to get the source code version of UE4.

i’ve gathered I need to initialize a project using init command in the proper directory, but I’m not sure if I do the one with the project’s folder in it or inside the folder itself. I’ve also heard that not all project files need to be local, and that that is actually not efficient at all.

So: Is there an easier way to achieve project collaboration, some fundamental part of git i’m not getting, or do I need to focus on understanding unreal engine more in depth to even attempt implementing the idea of source control? Usually when there’s a lack of information on a simple step in a process, i’m missing something fundamental. If many people struggled there would be lots of info about this part of the process, so I feel i’m being dense.

let me know if more details about my git situation are required,


I’m not too familiar with github, but I do have fair bit of experience with Perforce and it has been a pleasure to use. To be fair though I’ve only dealt with it on the client side, I’ve never had to to setup the server side or host anything.