Is there a Z offset for IsFalling( ) ?

Hi. I am using the “WesBun” Jumping convention, with IsFalling() and “IsInAir?” variable.

When I place my top down character onto the Navmesh, she stands idle good and all. Runs normal. Strafes normal. Then I get her to jump and JumpStart -> JumpLoop State is all good. But the trouble starts when she “lands” onto the ground. Her Jumpstart state animation starts repeating perpetually, as though the InTheAir? bool is constantly set to true. As if the Character’s Capsule never really touched the ground. I couldn’t find any settings to offset the transform of the capsule itself within the TopDownCharacterBP.

So I thought maybe it was the Navmesh interfering. Nope. Removed the Navmesh. Still Jumpstart spazzing.

So I’m just wondering how IsFalling() exactly works. Does it raycast from the bottom of the capsule? Can this Raycast be offset to be a bit higher than the capsule?

Am I missing a flipflop for the IsInAir? or is IsFalling() suppose to flip it back to false once the char landed?

This problem’s just doing my head in.