is there a WIP Pack of materials to paint terrains?

I mean a pack that has a variety of stones, green areas, rocky ones too, sands, etc… I think Im missing something alike… and I would pay for a good one.

I believe their are 31 materials you can download for free from the market place from

I was talking about a more specialized pack, you are talking about this (attachment).
I was talking about one with a variety or grassy grounds, pebbles, variations, you know something made to paint terrains!


I’m working on scanned terrain textures (using Photogrammetry like Epic for Kite demo), I’ll make some more and try to submit it to Marketplace one day. In the meantime, you can check my Gumroad - , there are FREE scanned 4k resolution textures, but you need to set up Landscape Material by yourself.

Example setup: