Is there a way yet to attach the other end of a cable component via blueprints?

I’m trying to get a grapple mechanic implemented in my project, but I can’t find a way to dynamically spawn the cable and then attach the other end to something. Both ends are set to the cable’s origin point, forming a loop. The component doesn’t have its own official wiki page, and the last post I can find about doing such a thing is almost a year old, where doing this sort of thing was not an officially supported feature. Since then, the cable component has been added to be an official part of the engine rather than just a plugin. Any ideas? Also, I’d appreciate if people could show some sample blueprint screenshots.

It’s still just a plugin im pretty sure, it’s just activated by default as a component. But you don’t need to use it to create a grapple though, you can just as easily create any kind of spline object to do the same thing