Is there a way to weight keyframes?

I’m struggling to accurately edit my curves in Matinee and timelines. The keyframe handles are small and finicky - plus I can’t seem to edit their weight.
Am I missing something obvious, or is this just current limitations of the program?


You can blend the whole animation clip by weight in the animgraph, not sure about individual keyframes though - maybe change the weight value with notifies. You could also combine blends, e.g. blend by weight and then by bone (chain) if you need something more fine-grain. If you’re looking to specifically weight the influence of the curves I’m not sure if you can do much more than flatten them out or exaggerate them a bit. Maybe someone with a bit more knowledge has a better method…

Yeah, it’s the curves I’m talking about. I’m used to being able to influence the curves by changing the lengths of their tangents (allowing better control of ease-in and ease-out amount). It just seems weird it isn’t there, as I think of it as pretty standard for animation curve editing.

As it is, I have to add more keyframes to push my ease-in and -outs, which can get janky and make for some wonky curves (not ideal).

Taking a stab in the dark, if you box select several of them in the curve editor box and right click and click flatten/straighten is that sorta what you have in mind?

Ah, I see, I’ve not seen anything like that, doesn’t mean to say its not there :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, sometimes you have to hold a keyboard key to activate tangent-edit mode. I haven’t found one :confused:

The feature probably doesn’t exist. Shucks.