Is there a way to use VRPN Inputs inside Unreal 4.22 via blueprints ?


I’m currently trying to use VRPN-Inputs inside Unreal 4.22 to control objects inside my project.

Every Plugin I found was made for older versions and recompiling Reutlingen University’s Plugin (VRPN-Plugin für die Unreal Engine | Virtual Reality LaboratoryVirtual Reality Laboratory) didn’t really work for Version 4.22.

Does anybody know how to recompile this or any other way to get VRPN-Inputs as blueprints ?

There seems to be something like that in nDisplay support

I don’t think there anything other official then this. In you know C++ you can try updating university plug-in yourself, but doing so from 4.10 might be quite challenging, they best way to do this is to update version by version until you reach 4.22, resolving all deprecation warnings that may apper, they usually have very helpful hints what to do

Thank you for your answer !

I’ve already played around with nDisplay. As far as I have found out, you can only use VRPN Inputs after packaging the project and launching it with the nDisplay launcher and nDisplay listener, not directly inside the project unfortunately…

I think I will try to update the Plugin, I’ve already managed to get it compiling in Version 4.13.