Is there a way to use an animation as a single axis blendspace?

Anyone here know of a way to use an animation as a single axis blendspace?
I tried turning playing and looping off and driving the start position from a parameter but it doesn’t work as expected
The start position only takes effect when the animation first becomes relevant, such as when the state is entered.
Because I am working on a marketplace product, I cannot simply write my own animation node.
I’ve chopped up animations into single frame poses in the past, but its completely impractical to do this for complex animations.

Humm not sure where you want to go but maybe a few bullet points.

  1. in all cases the animation reacts to what has already occurred when the need is for the animation migration to know what it is moving into and out of.

Excellent talk and some solutions even for biped?

  1. animation problems can not be solved in animation alone.

A for example most turns are base on a set angle between left and right. My turns are a full 360 turn to the left and right and the current turn angle is based on the yaw of the in place movement component

  1. a liner movement component mess up every thing as to proper timing. Sorry but it’s true. :wink:

This doesn’t seem to be related to my question in the slightest.

Well as I said I’m not sure what it is that you are attempting to do. What do you mean by single axis blendspace?

In simple terms a blendspace is an indexed container.

Can you put into context the the expected output of the function and the purpose it needs to serve?

Why not use single pose assets? UE4 even has the ability to make pose frames as a pose asset

Yes - You can use individual frames of the animation as nodes in the blendspace
just export each frame as its own animation -

Humm sorry for misreading the question. After sleeping on it I think the question is can you index the animation “node” it’s self the same way you can say a 1d blendspace?

This is what your looking for?…ion-frame.html

Is a feature added in a later version and this will give you access to the “explicit” time of the animation node

As I stated in the OP, this impractical to do for animations that are several hundred frames long.

Thanks. That link is basically what I am trying to do and should fit my needs.

Your welcome.

You got my interest. Several hundred frames is a bit unreasonable done as single frames :smiley: but if not top secret what kind of project are you working on that requires that many indexed poses in the first place?

Well, I have a few use cases. I have a mechanical object where a screw is turned to raise and lower a metal bar. Because the crew makes about 30 full turns per cm the bar is moved, it needs lots of frames to animate properly. In another case, I want to drive an animation of climbing up a ladder based on the position on the ladder so that it always lines up correctly.

We want to use 1 single animation, animated, with several frames and control the current frame via blueprint / code.
So imagine you have already baked a 1d blendspace into an animation, because it’s just much more convenient that way.

There’s billions of tutorials that covers blendspaces** and this is NOT what we needed.**

Thank god for that thread Setting a skeleton to an animation frame - UE4 AnswerHub
This feature is very well hidden, there’s no need to use blend space with this method.