Is there a way to use a timeline for

Im using a widget to display some
stars that uses a bind for each star
that’s on tick. the timeline is not on

This does not sound right :frowning:

None of this should be on Tick or use a Timeline… I mean, you can (it’s your game!) but why?! Even a Timer would be better, you’d fire it 5 times rather than update things 60 times per second… - that’s a lot of wasted updates. May be irrelevant if you do not care about performance but it’s difficult to handle and debug.

Consider the following:

  • the star widget with an animation

  • parent widget that holds the stars:

Image from Gyazo

I am using Last Index to unlock all stars, you can use a number here to unlock X stars, and play a different, nicer animation for the last star.

[video problem - YouTube][1]
From my video is there a way to play a sound for each star?
Im using a widget to display some stars that uses a bind for each star that’s on tick.
the timeline is not on tick.

It’s all here, in one image. If you use a number that is smaller than the number of all stars, you’ll unlock only some of them. In this case, this number is 4 (5 stars sitting pretty at Indexes 0,1,2,3,4).

Understood everything except 2 things. your example does not have the 3rd image.
kinda lost with last index.

you can use a number here to unlock X stars

Is there an example of what you mean?

So remove the last index and use number for the > ?

Sorry, If I’m bugging you, I’m a stroke survivor so it takes time for me to understand what your staying. but I think i can get It to work thank you very much!

Normally you’d replace the button with a Custom Event and pipe in the data - an integer equal to the number of unlocks you want to process.

Do note that this is not the WHOLE working system. It’d need additional bits - most importantly, check if the index is not exceeding the array length before you attempt fetching one of its elements.

It was supposed to be more of an example but it is, in fact, a working one.

No worries, do tell how it goes.

The idea is sound, you may need to adapt it to your needs, of course. Generally speaking, try to work in an Event Driven way:

  • something happens → something else happens

rather than

  • Tick → has something happened already or whut?

If you scroll down to the 3rd example here:

It shows a scenario that is, by far, the most efficient and logical approach.

do you have the green smiley face example I can learn from? like, make an attachment? but I don’t understand, there are no images in your example. For the smiley faces them selfs. I just see an animation. How do they connect?

One Green Smiley Face example coming up!

Enjoy and take care!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate.

And widget animations docs:

2 example animations included in the project.

wow thank you so much man

I’m having trouble adapting your example to if my needs. My example uses 3 images yours uses 1 any tips to make it use 3 images?

You’d need to explain how the images work. 5 stars but 3 images…

Gotcha, It starts out with all the stars faded


(not opacity but an actual image), after a few right answers you earn a new star(image 2)


after that the next guess is a normal star image


until you earn a new star again

sorry I forgot one thing.
when you get a new star

The next time you get that word, the star will look like this instead of new it will be old it will have no animation or sound(but I did that part already)

If you need more info or it’s not possible I can try to figure something else out thank you!

I’ll be away for some time now, sorry.

ok, let me know when or if you can. if you have discord. VøiÐ#0918

I didn’t use your example sorry, but I did manage to use a for each with delay macro to solve my problem. works just like a lerp but you can have a sound on each iteration and not on tick(thanks for the tip). The ideas I got from for example like using a select node will use from time to time! Thanks again.