Is there a Way to use 2 Inputs for one action?

As the question states this setup i used before used to work but now it no longer works. Is there a Way to say use Gamepad input Bottom + Gamepad input Left Shoulder To make one action?

In other words 2 buttons fire and only if both buttons are pressed the action event goes off. This method no longer works for some reason.

in the project settings, in the “input” section, add an action or axis input (give it an input relevant name, like “interact”), and add your inputs to that.
In the blueprint, search for the input name.

action inputs are button presses
axis inputs are joystick\mouse rigger directions

Think I’d use 2 Gates or use the Input Key Down node instead…

This doesnt work either, i am currently doing that as we speak this the purpose is to have More button options for the controller. And this only works for the input that you set the 1 input i need two.

Can you elaborate show me what you mean i have been at this now for years had a answer the answer was taken away lol if you be so kind as to show me what you speak of.

Man does no one know the answer to this its like 3 years counting for a simple logic i cant imagine button combinations in games are in every game but know one on a basic level knows how to do this, no one can explain this no one even trying i mean seriously how the …sigh…

Also this answer is basically saying use the input in the engine and its like no brainier how to use those, this isn’t what i am talking about i am saying is. In games there are double buttons to press for a single action say like in Street Fighter 5 you throw ppl by pressing two buttons how do you do that ?? In blueprints or how do you do that anyway i just like to know how is it done i never seen a tutorial or a hosted Tutorial any Courses in all the time i have been learning UE 4 never seen anyone address this.

Sorry, I misunderstood the question. I’ll get back to you with something more substantial in about 2 hours.

You would be a Hero of Heroes if you solve this i mean no one can solve it although its in every Modern Game we know of i taken countless courses tutorials and never once has anyone covered this…I know can make up my own code i have thought and thought and to no avail tried things for days now nothing works.
You be a GOD if you solve this it would make my life normal again. Because unlike i guess what happens normally i have tried taken the classes and still cant answer it. Hell i put your name in my game as one of the main contributors if you solve it.


^^ Here ^^ are the 2 solutions I suggested before (Gates vs IsInputKeyDown). The advantage of using Gates is that you can have any number of simultaneous events that must be met to trigger the event (not just 2 key-presses). Plus there’s less hardcoding of inputs which is better.

You can still solve this using Bools… But sometimes its better to save those for when you really need to keep track of states and have that state info accessible from anywhere in the Blueprint or in lots of other Blueprints. Whereas here we don’t, and its easier to debug the code as the animated live wires are all in one place…

BTW: The PlayerIndex variable needed above is zero (if standalone / single-player).

Here is simplest solution for 2 buttons
You will have to release both keys and press both keys again to refire.

And here’s a solution to fix the above problem, but I stole bool nodes out of the Gate macro:
And put it into a macro:

Thanks guys ways i didn’t think of i will try them all and get back to you. You both may have become gods in your own right.

The first one you did worked although i had to modify it to release when let go but this is what i wanted two button function now i can continue with everything. I tried the second one but couldnt get it to work for some reason.
But thanks again got the answer i needed all that matters!

I tried a couple of yours they mostly stuck after pressing but thanks again.

No worries dude, glad it helped get you there in the end. I’m using 4.18 btw, so not sure if that impacts this.
Anyway, why not share your final version and tweaks, to help others out who may arrive to the thread later? :cool:

In general, a big part to Menus / User-Interface work etc is how exactly players end up choosing to actually hit the buttons…
And which buttons you assign. I use left/right thumbstick buttons as they’re less likely to be triggered accidentally in game.
But of course using Left / Right Trigger etc, might bring a completely different result, so its good the more devs that share.
(The 1st version is similar to Windows Desktop navigation & back again, hitting ‘Windows-Key’ first then pressing ‘D’ etc).

Not a bad idea and thanks couldn’t have found the answer without. literally 3 years it didn’t work at first but the logic was there and others didn’t work at all But after i added the rest of the logic needed it even gave a bonus function. When you press and hold both buttons at the same time block toggles, but when you press them one after another it releases when you release good for PVP. After i calm down a bit i come back and post the answer Heres what it looks like !!


Heres the answer i came up with So it presses and release after press and release also glitch turned out to be good mechanic, if you press Both buttons at same time and hold it toggles to release hold one of the buttons and press so for a MMORPG this is godly. Also its grounded cant do it in the air as well and you cant move.