Is there a way to update Animation Montage Play Rate in real time?

Hey guys, so here’s what I’ve been trying to do:

I have a nice little curve in one of my animation montages that’s supposed to change the play rate of the animation in real time.
In my Animation Blueprint event graph i’m casting the value of the curve in real time to my Main Character Blueprint (and a variable there).
So that works fine, the value is being read and transferred correctly.

Now In my main BP I’ve tried using a Play Montage node and feed the Play Rate input pin with the forementioned value.
Aaaand that doesn’t work as it seems like the input pin only changes the play rate once at the start of playback not in real time.

Additional problem is that the curve value=0 when the montage isn’t playing (the defined curve value should never reach anything below 1).

Any ideas how to affect the Montage play rate in real time? All help really appreciated.

Thanks for your time


There’s a node called “Montage Set Play Rate” for that. Just connect your value to “New Play Rate” pin .

Hi, have you found an answer ? I am having the exact same problem. The montage is reading only one value of the curve but I need it to consistently read the curve during the play back and change the speed accordingly.