Is there a way to turn off collision on all meshes in a project to save performance in editor?

Hi guys. I’m working on a diorama which is designed purely for aesthetics. It is fairly unoptimised, with a lot of geometry and moveable lights, since its not going to be playable at any point. All I need to do is record a cinematic sequence and take some screenshots. I was wondering is there’s a way to simultaneously set all meshes to the cheapest collision mode (presumably “do not generate collision”) to improve performance in editor? I’ve had a look in the “bulk edit via property matrix” and in World settings and project settings to try and find a way to do it, but to no avail.
Perhaps it can be done witha blueprint?


I’m not sure this would give you any performance benefit at all.

In level BP on begin play try to get all actors, for loop, and set collision to none.

If you want to do it at the geometry level you would open up the meshes with the bulk edit tool and set the collision options from the bulk edit tool to use simple collision.

Assuming you didn’t bother creating the required Ucx or Ucb meshes the files should have no effective collision.

You may have to bulk edit the import settings and re import them all otherwise. Which can be tedious - and I dont think you would see much of any benefit.