Is there a way to trigger a re-construct on another blueprint?

I’ve got a blueprint which does quite a bit of work to create an environment - it’s a racetrack from a spline - and i’ve got another set of blueprints which spawn objects based on the spline of the track. When I alter my track the other blueprints have to be manually re-evaluated in order for them to adjust to the new spline. Is there a way to call construction script on other blueprints when another constuct happens? Ie. I move a point on Blueprint A, the racetrack spline, which triggers the construction script, and that automatically triggers construction on 10 instances of Blueprint B, which places lights, chevrons, decals and other things around the track.


I think you have to put the contents of the CS behind a custom event. Then whenever BP X gets adjusted it can call the custom event in the other BPs. Or also maybe use an event dispatcher…