Is there a way to transfer the information about the bones between two Control Rigs ?

Hello, everyone.

Does anyone know if there is a way to transfer the information about the bones (like Translation, Rotation, etc.) between two Control Rigs or between two Skeletal Meshes ?

My hierarchy looks like this:

I will be glad to any help !

I didn’t understand the meaning,
However, both rotation and position information can be achieved using blueprints

By the way, there’s also the “interface blueprint" , which is also a powerful tool for transmitting data

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I mean, I have two Control Rings, One is for “Mesh” and second Control Rig is for “Wheel_Front”.
My question is:
How can I get the rotation of the bone from “Mesh” Control Rig to use it in “Wheel_Front” Control Rig.

Did it help to better understand my question ?


Sorry, I’m just a beginner and I may not be able to help you much :kissing_closed_eyes:

I’m just a beginner :heart_eyes_cat:

I am grateful to you for your help <3

I’ll try to show a little more:

Here is what I have:

And here I would like to take the position of the bone from the “Wheel_Front”:

I need the position of the bones from the wheel, not the position of the wheel itself.

I will be glad of any advice :3