Is there a way to tell if an Animation Slot is playing any animation at all?

Hi there,

I’m wondering if there’s an elegant way to check if a certain Animation Slot is playing any animation at all? For instance, I have 4 types of Hit animations that I play on a Hit slot. However, I’d have to create a ForEach loop to check if any of them are being played.

Would it be possible to just leave the input of this function blank, and if it is, then check if it’s ANY animation playing on the Slot? This would be especially useful for me since I have a ton of animations for combat and abilities I play on an UpperBody slot.

I just very quickly did the same thing in the event graph of my main character’s anim BP for a similar** situation and never see the value returning true, regardless if the slot is playing or not. This was the case even when I explicitly referenced the character’s anim instance (shouldn’t need to in the anim bp…?), and the montage that I used to check it.

I realize this is somewhat dated now, but what ever came of it?

**I believe, though without more details on where you’re using this, I can’t say for sure