Is there a way to store event dispatchers or events?

I’m trying to create a map, that takes a string as a key and a functionpointer/eventdispatcher/event as a value. So then I don’t have to do a bunch of string compares to figure out which event should be called. I know in C++ you can have all sorts of data structures hold function pointers as objects. Is there a way to do this in Blueprint?


No, indeed you can have function pointers and also try to do something with delegates and reflection system, but in blueprints there no way to point to function other then have a actors with a specific function and you would point to that actor, potentially using asset path as string input.

You probably will want to interprete inputed string anyway for one important reason… security. If you allow user to point any function or event in the game it will be crack open by user very easily, potentially even creating malicious code and i don’t think you want that. So you probably wont avoid processing of the string