Is there a way to stop the camera from glitching in and out of the character when pushed by a physics asset?

When the character gets pushed by this moving block the camera rapidly teleports in and out of the mesh. Is there something I can do to fix this?

For Reference: Unreal Engine Camera Bug - YouTube

Is your camera on a spring arm? If so, move the entire spring arm further back – it should start far enough back from the character mesh that it doesn’t clip when it’s the closest possible.
SEPARATELY, you need to also make the character collision capsule bit enough that the camera will fit within it when the character pushes back against a wall.

Hello jwatte, I have a similar problem with my camera, when I want to see the sky, I have my fps decrease until 10fps so the game lag then if I continue to play normally, no more lag ! You could see this problem with the screenshot, maybe could you help me ! thanks…

“Low FPS” has nothing to do with “camera clips through geometry.”

However, if you want to figure out why your frame rate is low, Unreal has lots of good profiling tools you can use. Here’s an overview of the Unreal Insights framework: