Is there a way to stop PIE from starting off screen?

When I play my game in PIE it usually starts half off the screen. Even if I set up the advanced settings and check “always center window to screen” it still spawns off center. If I set the new window position, that seems to change every time I use PIE.

Silly question. Where did you put the player start?

What are the chances OS scaling is applied? This can mess things up. Once you enable always center window to screen you’re generally pretty much good to go.

Thanks for the reply and sorry I wasnt clearer… Its not an issue with the player starting off screen. Its the PIE screen that is outside the bounds of my monitor.

That was it. Thanks!

Changing the OS Scaling to 100 percent from 150 worked but I had no problem with this until upgrading to 4.25

That works but it must have changed in 4.25 because I never had that issue until upgrading.

This ia a huge pain! Everytime I click Play the PIE screen in in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and I have to ALT tab out and move the screen to the center. Hope Epic gets this fixed.

I agree, this is a huge pain, especially on large form hires monitors. Though I suppose its the same on all of them. I have to scale the UI so that I can more easily manipulate the buttons in the UE4 editor. Maybe scaling the UI in the editor itself. Can we do that?

I’ve got the same problem. PIE window centering is definitely broken in 4.25. I set viewport to 1920 * 1080 and check “always center window”, but when I “Get Viewport Size” it returns 19101056. As a sanity check I tried the same thing in 4.24 and it returns 19201080. Super annoying.