Is there a way to split your screen in 4

Hi Everyone,
I have a question about a project I’m working on in UE5. So in this project I’m working with 3 camera (I wil ad a 4th one, the other pictures are wath the 3 camera’s see) as seen on the first pictures with the red markings. Now i want it that you can see in one screen the 4 camera simultaneously and that you can controll them 1 ad a time. It is like a CCTV project kind of. Is there a way in unreal to do this?

hi @banaan9

Take a look here how to project cameras as textures with render targets.

Unreal Render Target & Scene Capture 2D - YouTube

Might give you an insight. possibly use them in a UMG widget?


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To add on a bit more, if you are wanting something more akin to true splitscreen like multiplayer, check out this non-Epic affiliated video (and series) for inspiration:

Good luck on your 4 camera split effect!

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Hey @banaan9!

Checking in! Did one of the above solutions work for you?

yes it worked perfectly for me thanks guys