Is there a way to "solo" an ambient sound actor?

While I’m setting up ambient sounds, it would be really useful if I could mute all the other ambient sounds in the level except the one I am currently editing, so I can tweak attenuation or occlusion of a specific sound without interference - something like the “Solo” button in Audacity would be great?

I like the idea! At the moment, not quite, but you can use the console commands:

AudioSoloSoundWave __________

Where __________ is your SoundWave name. It will do contains, so for example, if you have a bunch of SoundWaves with “foot” in the name, and you do AudioSoloSoundWave foot it will solo all of them.

You can solo individual SoundWaves, SoundCues, or SoundClasses:

AudioSoloSoundWave __________
AudioSoloSoundCue _________
AudioSoloSoundClass __________

Cool thanks for that - I made a Blutility using that command that will solo the sound for the selected AmbientSound…

I thought I had come up with a clever way to solo a specific AmbientSound actor, by assigning it a temporary dummy soundclass override, which I’d then automatically solo with the AudioSoloSoundClass command… but, surprisingly we can’t access the SoundClass of the AudioComponent in Blueprint, d’oh!

Edit: Ok actually, even the Blutility to solo the cue/wave of the current selected AmbientSound didn’t work (executing the console command from the blueprint doesn’t seem to work, only typing it manually in console works)

I haven’t tried building a Blutility for this sort of thing, but I have created run-time BluePrints for debug commands and that’s worked okay.