Is there a way to smooth out touch input?

Working on an Angry Birds style game, I have my launching mechanism set up, which uses a PhysicsConstraint between my projectile and a hidden sprite to simulate the pulling back on a sling shot effect, then upon release after a short delay the PhysicsConstraint is broken, then after 4 seconds, the projectile/launcher spawns a second projectile in the exact spot as the first one, destroys itself, and spawns another projectile/launcher at the same place as the original projectile/launcher. The issue I’m having is that touch/mouse input seems to jump around a bit, and sometimes you can see the projectile moving back and forth between two locations very rapidly, so I’m wondering if there is any sort of way to kind of smooth out the touch/mouse input?
Below is my BluePrint for my Projectile/Launcher.

To clarify, I see the projectile moving around while I’m pulling it back, after it’s released and launched, it behaves as it should.

Try to use the “Nearly equal (float)” node. If I understood the problem correctly…