Is there a way to slightly increase values when dragging?

In most cases dragging to change the values works fine but sometime I wish there was a way to get more control.
One example is the DOF in post process. The maximum value of the focal distance is 10000cm (100m) which seems a bit overkill when I’m working on character cinematics. Because the value is so high each tick when dragging changes the value by about 184cm, almost 2 meters which is just way too much and makes it pretty much impossible to control the DOF by dragging.

In Blender there’s a way to get more precision when dragging values. You can hold Shift when dragging to scale down the parameter changes by a factor of 10, so the above example would change 18.4cm per tick (which is still too much but better). You can hold Ctrl when dragging to snap values to whole numbers, and Shift+Ctrl to snap to smaller numbers (a factor of 10 again). From what I can tell nothing happens when you press Shift/Ctrl/Alt when dragging values in UE4 so maybe this could be improved.

Another way to solve this problem would be to add an option to edit the ranges of values. I will probably never use a focal distance of 100 meters so a lot of the slider’s area is wasted for me.