Is there a way to silence a particular log output without silencing the entire log category?

I’m hitting the following function over and over in a worker thread to read in the HTTP response stream (ala SSE/EventSource), but every time I do, this log output is printed.

const TArray<uint8>& FCurlHttpResponse::GetContent()
	if (!bIsReady)
		UE_LOG(LogHttp, Warning, TEXT("Payload is incomplete. Response still processing. %p"),&Request);
	return Payload;

Is there some sort of macro or other technique to silence the logger? I.e.


or equivalent.


I’d like to know this too, there’s some PhysX related logspam in my project that’s benign, but it certainly bogs things down.

i am having same Warning while downloading in android. and 40% of the time it is crashing?
did u face the carsh?