Is there a way to ship a game with accessible sav files right of the box?

I want to ship the next version of my game with some levels made with my level editor, this level editor is using the SaveGame system.
I don’t want to have to make the user to copy sav files to his user folder.
Is it possible to automate the process of installing them?

Anyone? I really need it.

Is there any recommended way to write to the username\appdata\local\gamename of the user?

Ok I’v wrote a little batch file in dos that installs the *.sav files in the current directory to the user’s appdata\local\game directory if anybody else is interested:
This is how it looks like:

cd %appdata%
cd local\[FONT=Arial Black]YourGameName\saved\savegames\
set "my_savegame_files_path=%cd%"



copy SaveGames\*.* %my_savegame_files_path%  


Just put this code in a file named “Install_SaveGames.bat” or WhatEver.bat
And in the same folder make a new folder named “SaveGames” and place the all your *.sav files you want to install inside of it.
When you ship your game, the user will only have to execute the Install_SaveGames.bat files and he will be able to access the save games from his game.

Hope some of you will find it useful :slight_smile:

You don’t need to do that. Simply ship the game with the save game folder and .sav files included.

Included where? Will it see the save in an inside folder as well?

Take a look at your PIE data within your project folder. You can copy the SaveGame folder to the Shipping build directory using the same folder structure and the game will read the .sav files. You can do that with Config files as well.

I’v just tried to put it here and it didn’t work.
It didn’t work here too:

Am I doing something wrong?