Is there a way to set the values X and Y on a Panner in an Instance of a Material?


I have a Panner in a Material.

Created Instances of it.

Would like to set the values of each Panner independently in each Instance.

Is there a way I can do that?

I don’t see Panner settings options in the Instances.

Thank you!

Create parameters:


Or to be more precise:


Awesome thank you !!! :slight_smile:

So looks like the trick it to convert everything you want to set in Instances to Params. :slight_smile:
I kinda knew that but didn’t know how to do it with Panners :slight_smile:

I posted video here: Pulsing and glowing Instances of Material - The little drone 2 development >>> - Unreal Engine Forums

Consider looking into dynamic material instances and parameter collections - it allows you to do all that and more, at run-time and without having to manually creating material instances.

Willdo thank you!