Is there a way to set elevation of the imported model in Twinmotion?

Hi all

I model mostly in ARCHICAD. I set my model locations and sea level elevations exactly to the site GPS location to ensure accurate analysis results in my ARCHICAD workflow.


When I import / sync my model via the Direct Link to a new file in Twinmotion, the model is floating in mid air in Twinmotion.


Is there a way to set / change elevation of the imported model in Twinmotion?


Francois Swanepoel

Select the entire model in the Scene graph and hover over the axis area. Set the new height that you want.

Thanks @**pbdarcey **but I am not referring to Twinmotion Library objects.

I am referring to the imported 3D model marked blue in the list and 3D view.

The Transformation values can also not be changed for any of the items in this container on the list.

I am still looking for a solution to bring the model down to the horison in Twinmotion.

It will mess up all my drawings and specifications if I change the sea level value in my design model.

Yes, this is a really important thing Archicad users need. Looking for a solution

This applies to the imported assest as well.

You can select ERA-2019-14 only and move that down. This will make all the other objects move as well.

** Please note that Im not using the transform as per the image above. I just use the move and hover over to set the amount i want.**


Hi @**pbdarcey **I tried that, but selecting ERA-2019-14 only does not give me the “Gizmo” arrow icon to move the selected elemente as shown in this tutorial -

Select the asset and zoom out. The icon depending on where the zero / zero is in the program will be off screen sometimes.

See attached.

If that doesn’t work select addin folder and move that one.

Hope that works,


Hi @**pbdarcey **I appreciate you coming back to try and help me out. This does not work for me. I do not get the editable “Gizmo” marker. And believe me I have zoomed out so far till the whole scene looks like a Tiny Planet. The DOT in the red circle is my model from a brand new import. This seems to be a consistent issue.

When I select the default Twinmotion gound element the Gizmo shows perfect

I am starting to think there seems to be a problem with my Twinmotion version 2019.06 after the latest update

I will try and submit my query to tech support.

The reason you can’t move i think is because you are syncing. I export and then import into twin motion. I found that in Revit the direct sync wasn’t working and I found to have better success with export and then importing into twin motion.


Yes @**pbdarcey **I got feedback from Zack at support that they escalated the Z-value issue + repeated crashes when we use sync as bugs and will work to resolve it.
The Sync was great because all the work we do to update and set up textures, etc is maintained during sync.
When we use import or merge, we have to manually update all textures and setup. This takes a lot of time on a high end job to get it all right again after the model has changed.
We get spoiled in some way with the sync but with pressure on deadlines the sync saves a lot of valuable time. I really hope they can sort that out because it will bring us back into full production capacity for our clients.