Is there a way to set different images for different views in flipbook?

If I’m understanding you want to reveal different sides of your character perhaps depending on which way he’s walking.

To do this you must create multiple flipbooks, each containing sprites unique to that viewing angle.

Are you asking how to overlay images on top of existing paper2d flipbooks?
EG: If your character changes a hat, said hat will now appear on character without you having to make an entirely new graphics set of the character wearing the hat.

I’m trying to set up 2D sprites for a character for a small RPG, and was wondering, when making an animation/flipbook, is there a way to set up the image so the side view shows the side image, and the front view the front image, back the back, etc?

I’m curious as to why it would have those options, if there is absolutely no way to add in another image to set it, or add in a sprite sheet to set to show only that part for those views. Any help is greatly appreciated.

That’s what I was afraid of. :frowning:

I’m guessing I’d just set those in the pawns blueprint class per the movement then correct?

Is there a way to set different views in the blueprint class for the pawn in the viewport? The reason I ask is because I have sockets set, and it’s just easier visually to do it like that and piece them together there. Or would I also have to do all that in the pawn blueprint class?


It’s probably better to explain I’m making a top down RPG, but the perspective is ~90deg not a direct top down, much like Zelda: A Link to the Past for SNES. This means you can see the character’s body in all 4 directions, and has to have walk and run and all sorts of other animations no matter which way you face.

What I was trying to do right now was piece together the body, so later on I can do what you were saying, show armor on top of the hand, or the body, or head. I was using the body as a base, and adding sockets for the head, arms, and legs/feet.

It’s just odd that they’d add a 2D animator, but not allow for the directions presented in the view to be set differently. That would have helped a ton and would save a little time. Even more so if in the viewport for the character blueprint class. I’m honestly just not sure where to start with this at all.

I’m also doing everything to avoid creating thousands of combinations of sprites and animations. I’m going to try editing the sections (arm, body, etc) images, if possible, instead of adding even more sockets for armor.

*sorry for the edits just trying to be as clear as possible.

That is what I’m trying to replicate basically. Set up the main sprite/animation, and use sockets to attach everything, then change them as needed per variables.

Yeah the animations have to match, but as long as you make all the pieces together then separate them, then make sure the animation plays the same on then all, it should be fine I believe.

How do you set which flipbook to use in blueprints? It seems all I can find is “Add Paper Flipbook Component”. Sorry for all the questions. I’ll mark your answer above.

That’s cool. I actually wanted to do a top-down. Perhaps we can bounce ideas off each other. If you’re interested you can PM me on the forums.

As for your question I believe in that game they made individual graphics per weapon and facing: ← example.

While I have never done what you are seeking, I believe it would be possible by creating sockets(like you said) and just placing your additional graphics in the sockets. Having multiple animations using sockets might be difficult to synchronize though; make sure each frame is the same length and align with your characters movement.

Updating them is pretty easy. You just set which flipbook to use depending on which input is being received.

Pretty much. You could do it in the view port too and just layer the clothing in front of the base character. Probably more reliable to socket though.

I’m out and about no so I can’t be 100% sure but you should be able to add a flipbook component and then use Set Flipbook to change it.

Ok, so just add the sockets in the sprites, make the animation for each direction, DONT set it in the viewport, and set everything in the blueprints from the ground up correct?

Got it. Thanks a ton friend. :slight_smile:

So where is the Actual ANSWER?.. i understand everything your saying and i have used sockets for items and at moment looks decent for one direction other 3 look silly… how does one do this with out having every combination of hats pants shields swords… man there could 10000 combinations of flipbooks…

please any sort of picture to give the Answer you found in your above convo would be great… Thanks again