Is there a way to set default pin on gates and place as part of a map? Or Have it owned by admin?

Hello everyone,

Forgive me for posting this as I can guess someone may have already asked about something similar.
But, despite my many days of searching (with multiple keywords and tags) I find no answers, only more questions.

Which is cool, except that I really want my project to be done in a timely manner and I feel like I’m behind on my work.

So, as the title of this suggests, my needs are to do with doors, gates, pins, locking, and ownership of these.

I want to place some gates and doors on an arena map and possibly a few other structures that may need a pin.
But even more, I want to place some gates and doors where the admin of the map/arena will be the owner by default.
I’ve looked in the BPs for all doors, doorways, gates and gateways in ADK and have found only check-boxes to set whether a door/gate supports locking and pin-locking.
So far nothing seems to point towards a default pin-code (which I know is usually set in-game) or to have the structure that I placed in the map to be owned by server-admin as a default setting.

Essentially, I want an arena map that has gates lining the combat area that have default pins, or default ownership, so the simple press of a button/input to a keypad will open the doors we wish to have open.
This is so we can create the illusion of having some creatures enter the arena combat area through the doors like how the Roman Colosseum, and other similar arenas are set-up.

When I do place gates/doors, setting them to be indestructible is easy enough, the settings are there to have them only be damaged by certain things, or nothing. One can also set the health and many other things to them.
But I find no linking of these gates to a pin other than the checkboxes to allow pins and locking.

If anyone could tell me how to get to the settings for this I’d be eternally grateful. :slight_smile:

Thank you to all who have some input to this request.

If the admin places the door he will be automatically the owner, and can set the pin as (s)he pleases, even with vanilla doors … and if somone helps out, admin can easily take over the structure when it’s done ???

You want to make it so any doors ( in the mod ) that is placed is owned by the admin ( so no matter who places it, the ownership goes to the admin no matter what ) ??

Honestly your best bet here is to just manually adjust all the pincodes. If you’re graphing it, the only thing I was able to find was that “is pincoded” boolean. Setting this to true sets the default pin code of 0000, which does you no good if you’re trying to open certain ones per stage (0000, 1111, 2222, etc). To make life easier, you could make your own keypad and just massively increase the range so you can get all the pincodes in the area. I noticed that there was a bad cast variable for the pin code, so I’m not sure how to get that to function.

Thank you guys heaps. Yeah I was more aiming at having the gates as part of the map rather than having to go around placing them manually every time the map is loaded, my reason for that is simply that building a map would be a waste of time if we still had to place the structures to line the arena, I want it pre-built.

What I will end up doing is creating a “structure” which will be a placing of multiple gates at once, possibly that will be as a set of gates that will be part of the one BP and Static Mesh asset. ie. Custom Arena Gates = 7 Behemoth Gates spaced out and to be facing a centre point as a single static mesh asset. Maybe set it to only be allowed to snap to a certain (custom-made) structure so when an admin starts map they need only to place the “one” structure of 7 gates. (arbitrary number)