Is there a way to set a specific jump arc? Like super ghouls and ghosts >_>

Like in super ghouls and ghosts…when you hit right and jump he has a specific jump arc…with no air control…- but he has the ability to switch sides in the air - so he can jump 1 way and switch sides - and use the double jump to jump the other way…Also - if crouched - he gets out of crouch when you hit the jump button -

As of now I have - a “jump in place” - and the ability to switch sides in the air…-but I have a hard time with jump to specific locations the way I want…

Basically I’m looking for the ability to set the pawn-controller to be able to if I press right and jump really quickly he will jump a set distance rather than…the way it is set up right now…which is…he jumps a varying distance depending on how soon before you press the right button

every time I post a question on unreal…I figured it out about 5-10 minutes later…
I could just instead of Jump do Launch… with an x and a z value

Also using the “suggest projectile velocity” makes it a piece of cake