Is there a way to set a Blendspace for a paper mario style flat 3d model? And a blueprint que?

I have a flat 3d model that is similar style to paper Mario. I’m very new to Unreal Engine and have been working in it for a couple weeks. I have created a blendspace that isn’t the 1d version but if I try to add the character facing the other way the model flips all wonky. Which is no surprising from a flat 3d model. I was wondering if there is a way to set a blend space for the character going right and set one for the character going left. Note this is just the walking/running cycle. This character has many attack, take damage, and all sorts of animations I have created for the game I’m working on. Is there an easy setup to allow the character to do the same on both sides? (I do have mirror animations available as well already in the project.)

Also my last question is, in a certain level I want a character to be in a side scroller fighting style system, then on a different level I want the character to be in a third person system, what sort of blueprint setup am I looking for?

Thanks. Also I’m looking for anyone willing to help out with my game later on but it is royalty based. =P