Is there a way to sequencially run events in multiplayer?

Hi folks, I have been playing with multiplayer for some weeks and I am trying to run some events sequencially on the server side. The thing is these events don’t run in the right order, I replicated what I am trying to do in a blank project with some prints and a delay, as shown in the image:

Is there a way to guarantee that these events run in a specific order? Because runing as this setup it prints Event 2, Event 3 and 5 seconds after Event 1.

What is the behavior you’re expecting to happen? The way you have it set up it should print Event 2, then Event 3, then 5 seconds later Event 1 as you say it does.

Ok, well for the example you gave you’d have to put the delay either after calling event 1 or before calling event 2. Delays don’t pause execution for the object they’re in, they just set up a timer and continue executing that event once the timer finishes, other things are still able to run while the timer is running.

I’m not sure the answer to your actual question, hopefully someone who’s more familiar with UE4’s networking will be able to answer you. I don’t know what exactly you’re planning on doing but if it’s similar to your example where the events are always expected to be one after the other you could always just merge them into a single event or have the first event call the second once it’s finished and so on.

Hi, thanks for answering. I was expecting Event 2 and Event 3 to trigger after Event 1 has been completed.

That would never happen. The sequence fires all the executions for the events, then the events handle all their logic at separate levels.

If you really want to be sure things happen one after another, make them one single execution thread.

Hi, thanks for answering. The thing is, I tried this way before, and I got the same output, so I thought using sequence would give me what I was expecting.

Hi Kgamble, thanks again, what I really would want is, one event to just call the next event when the first one has completed its task. However what I guess is, that the server runs each event as a thread and because this the event 2 can run in parallel with event 1. If this guess is true, I would like to know if there’s an option to force events to run in a proper order. Sorry if i did no make myself clear.

In that case, can’t you just do something like this: