Is there a way to select specific version of Visual Studio 2013 to use?

So, my Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate license turned off for some reason. I believe it to be a mistake and that the issue will be corrected soon, but for the time being I installed the VS 2013 Express version. When I try to access projects UE4 is still opening up VS2013 Ultimate and doesn’t seem to notice there are two versions available when I try to use the drop-down selector for the Source Code Editor option. Is it possible to unlock a way to select which version to use? Normally I’d prefer the way it operates now, but with the good version not working at all… Heheh.

Have you tried setting VS Express as the default app for .sln files?

Good suggestion!! Unfortunately, didn’t work. UE4 seems to only want to open up the Ultimate version, even with all the solution files set to open with Express version instead. Hrmm…

Edited In: If I create a new project, it does (in fact) load up with the Express version. So that’s cool. But if I try to access from within a UE4 project directly it attempts to open in Ultimate instead. Strange. So I guess that option helped, at least!

Hi MadMojo,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The Engine is configured to automatically prioritize a Professional/Ultimate version of Visual Studio over an Express version. I have put in a request for our development team to investigate the possibility of including an option to override this functionality and allow you to select Express as the version to use. I really cannot say if this is something we are going to do, though.

For now, the only definite “fix” for this issue would be to uninstall Ultimate. This will allow the Engine to fall back on using the Express version of Visual Studio since there are no “higher” versions available to use. When you re-install Ultimate, the Engine will go back to using that version.