Is there a way to see a math solution within Blueprints?

Pretty straight forward question, a lot of times I need to see a solution to an equation while coding, but it’s too much math to want to crunch the numbers on a calculator. I usually have to add a printstring and then run the game to see it. Any easier solutions to this?

Once way of doing it is by placing breakpoint on node and when break will hit then hover over pins they should show there states from node outputs that are connected

if result is in variable there console command:

displayall BlueprintName_C VarableName

Blueprint name is class name in case of blueprints you need to add _C the end, varbales with space might be issue on this one not sure. Other issue with is that it show states of all instances of the class, so if you got 100 actors from one blueprint it will fill up the screen, you might consider using GetAll command instead in that case