Is there a way to scale a skeletalmesh and keep it working as a ragdoll?

In my game, I give the user the ability to modify the enemies size, but when the size is different than the default, it’s ragdoll will be broke.
If the skeletalmeshis too big, the skeletalmesh will shrink and jump around.
If it too small, it will stretch.
It is like I need to find a way to scale the PhysicsAsset along with it.
Is there any way to solve it?

Sorry for being so late. But I just encountered the same behavior and that is what helped me. I hope that it will be useful for someone.

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Thanks! Didn’t work on that project for a while now, but if/when I continue, I will surely try this one out. this is great to know that there is a solution for it.

What helped you in this situation?